WildStar’s contracts system is an alternate route to great rewards


Stuck at level 50 in WildStar with nothing to do? If you’re eschewing the hardcore raiding and PvP life, then you’ll be happy to know that the team is adding in a new contracts system with the next update that will allow you to work toward great rewards over time.

Contracts are essentially rotating PvP and PvE dailies that can be picked up on a special board and fulfilled to get a loot bag and contract points. Contract points fill up a rewards bar, and at certain milestones the bar will give the player a choice of additional rewards, including gear, mounts, and pets.

The devs summed up contracts as such: “They’re a different way of providing daily objectives and cool new rewards to players — because this ain’t about arbitrary treadmills, folks. This is WildStar!”

[Source: Contracts dev diary]
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