EverQuest’s new progression server could take you eight years to finish


Back in February, Daybreak announced plans for a new classic EverQuest progression server and allowed players to vote on the future server’s ruleset. Yesterday, the devs announced that the “slower progression” ruleset beat out the Fippy Darkpaw plan, the locked progression plan, and the seasonal challenges by a wide margin. And that means it’s time for… more polls.

Daybreak promises to next let players vote on the details of the slower progression ruleset, such as how long the server will wait until the next expansion unlocks, whether that unlock will happen automatically or by player vote, and what the server’s name will be.

Worth mentioning is that these “slower progression” rulesets are really, really slow: The shortest version, called the “Add 50%” option, would take five and a half years to catch up to the current live servers, while the “half speed” edition would take eight. And really, it’d take much longer because you know EQ will have launched 20 more expansions in the meantime. But hey, at least Daybreak thinks the game will still be alive in 2023.

[Source: Official forums]
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