EverQuest’s new progression server wiped due to launch issues


It was a less-than-auspicious beginning for EverQuest’s highly anticipated progression server.

The new server, Ragefire, came up yesterday and was immediately beset by several issues including overstressed login servers and instant level 50 characters appearing. Daybreak spent the day putting out fires, which included locking the server, applying hotfixes, and ultimately performing a complete wipe. Fortunately, most players had not made much progress; Executive Producer Holly Longdale said that the highest level character was only level 6 at the time of the wipe.

The studio said that players can get refunds for marketplace purchases prior to the wipe and that beta bags should not be affected. If the level 50 issue is fixed, the team said that Ragefire will re-launch today.

Source: Twitter #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, official forums. Thanks to Bob for the tip!
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