The Secret World adds mini-dungeon, achievement vendor


On top of the big news about mounts, The Secret World is adding two other features in next week’s update. In a recent post, Lead Designer¬†Romain Amiel announced a new mini-dungeon based on the penthouse in the Orochi Tower. This Nightmare group version of the final three fights in the penthouse will be extremely challenging and offer players unique rewards to help prepare for Issue #12’s dungeon. And for everyone who has been dying to learn more about Uta, the mini-dungeon will provide more information that can actually be traded to others who don’t run it.

The second feature is a new vendor in London stocked with exclusive rewards based on players’ current total achievement points. Additionally, this vendor will allow players to reclaim consumable rewards that were earned via achievements, such as the Blade of Inaba mould. While the dungeon is available only to those who have purchased Issue #11, the vendor will do business with all players.

Stay tuned for this afternoon’s Chaos Theory for a deeper look at the announcement and a chat with the devs.

Update announcement. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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