Aventurine ditches Darkfall classic server project


It’s a dark day for those who were hoping to see a return to the classic era of Darkfall. A few weeks ago, player enthusiasm for a pre-Unholy Wars server had prompted Aventurine to investigate the possibility of creating such a world. Now the studio says that it has decided to kill the project and redouble its efforts on Unholy Wars.

“We realized, despite the initial excitement, players that played [Darkfall Unholy Wars] would not return to play [Darkfall Online],” said CEO Zad Mehdawi. “Players were getting bored with the DFO game after a month or two. It is too hard to get into the game. The sad truth is that this is not a game that anyone would play for years. Our dream is to create games that people will remember for many years to come.”

Source: Official forums. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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