TERA introduces recruit-a-friend rewards

This image actually makes me not want to inflict this on my friends, but...
[AL:TERA]Are you playing TERA? Do you have friends who are not playing TERA? Are said friends also swayed by the thought of both of you receiving shiny new stuff in the game? Then perhaps you’ll want to take full advantage of the game’s new recruitment drive, starting today and running until July 12th. It’s a chance to earn prizes for both of you just by getting them into the game, although the prizes are definitely tilted toward the new player.

Every player with a newsletter subscription and a TERA account active since May 1st will receive five referral codes. Players can send out these codes to whomever they wish, receiving items for players who sign up, reach level 65, join their guild, and so forth. Take a look at the full reward matrix and other restrictions in the official announcement; it’s a great way to try grabbing a huge duck to ride around on if that’s your major goal in the game.

Source: Official announcement; thanks to Ville for the tip!
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