Find out the secrets of Marvel Heroes’ Ant-Man


Marvel Heroes’ 49th hero, Ant-Man, will be coming to the game soon to coincide with the character’s theatrical debut. While the game’s been selling pre-orders of the hero for a bit now, only yesterday did the developers post an official FAQ on what Ant-Man would be like.

Ant-Man will contain iconic powers of three of the people to bear that moniker and will be a physical damage-dealing melee fighter. His three skill trees are particle brawling, equipment, and insect constructs. He’ll grow huge for his signature, Big Foot Sighting, and unleash a whirlwind of insects for his ultimate, Antnado.

Ant-Man will cost 400 eternity splinters or 900 G and will come out sometime this month. He is scheduled to be put on the test server later today.

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