ArcheAge’s skill queues lead to near-instant kill exploits [Updated]


Skill queues are meant as a way for players to “store up” commands and have all of those commands finally executed in one fell swoop. They are not meant to create lengthy instant implementations of multiple attacks in less than a second, thus functionally serving as an instant kill. So when ArcheAge implemented the skill queue yesterday, you can probably guess which of the above happened.

The center of the unfortunate exploit is the skill Gods’ Whip, which was already renowned for its ability to cancel other animations. You can see videos of players abusing the exploit and crafting a macro to make use of the skill down below, and the effects are immediately obvious and substantial. No official word yet on the oversight, although we’re fairly certain that instant-murder bursts of lightning were not on the list of intended features for skill queues.

Source: Official announcement on skill queues; thanks to Matt for the tip!
Update 07/10/2015 2:13:26 PM EDT: Trion has now said it will be disabling skill queues.

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