Gamescom 2015: SWTOR expansion news and trailer

In Cologne, Germany, EA began its press conference for Gamescom 2015 with the typical action sequence montage from single-player games, but what MMO fans were looking forward to was Star Wars: The Old Republic and its next expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. And EA delivered, giving us a new trailer that revealed load-lifter full of hidden information.

As you might have guessed from the previous trailer, Emperor Valkorion is not a nice guy, and your character, along with what appeared to be Dark Council member Darth Marr, confront this new evil emperor for his crimes against the Empire and Republic. But there is a twist, and Valkorian offers you a deal: “I’ll share all of this with you, if you’ll only kneel.”

Studio Game Director James Ohlen gave everyone a treat, saying that if you sign up as a subscriber during Gamescom (by August 10th, according to the official website), you’ll get smuggler Nico Okarr as a companion.

And so that you don’t have to comb through the hour’s worth of presentation just to get a nugget from SWTOR, we dropped the full trailer below.

The Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion releases officially on October 27, 2015.

Update: Massively OP’s Larry Everett dissected the trailer this morning for those who might have missed some of the hidden information in the trailer.

Source: Gamescom press conference, SWTOR YouTube, SWTOR Official site, and Hyperspace Beacon YouTube
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