DarkScape introduces free-for-all PvP ganking to RuneScape

I am Jack's grimdark reboot.

DarkScape is RuneScape, only it’s not. It’s an official spinoff of the existing game, it features all of the game’s content that’s been developed over its lifespan, but it also has features that the core game doesn’t have such as worldwide free-for-all PvP. Only the cities have high-level guards, and no part of the game is entirely safe. It’s the same game, but it’s also a very different take on matters.

The changes don’t stop with PvP rules, either: Economies are more diversified between cities, travel is more costly and dangerous, and all content is available for free even if you’re not a RuneScape member. It’s an interesting experiment in changing a few rules of the game and altering the whole playing landscape, so if you’re in the mood for a new free-for-all arena or want to see how RuneScape plays with a bit more danger, go ahead and check it out.

Source: Official Site, FAQ; thanks to Elio for the tip!

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