Fan-made infographic explains Champions Online’s supervillain system


Confused about how Champions Online’s new supervillain onslaught system works? One fan took matters into his own hands by making a helpful infographic to explain how players can take part in attacking and defending the city with gamer-controlled villains. This is especially useful for those who want to unlock their own onslaught villain but are bewildered concerning the process.

The Supervillain Onslaught patch came to the game last week and allows players to temporarily take on the role of a preset foe in order to go on a rampage and rack up tokens. Is it a good start to “fix” Champions Online? Well, it’s had some effect: Cryptic has begun advertising on Steam, and the game recently hit its highest 30-day peak on the platform.

Source: Official forums, Piktochart. Thanks to The Grand Nagus for the tip!
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