Novus Inceptio sorts out the first days of alpha testing


The sci-fi survival sandbox Novus Inceptio has launched its early access program, and the team is sorting out feedback and metrics from the alpha so far.

In a development update on Steam, McMagic Productions said, “As expected, we need to go through all the reports and set priorities to issues reported. Right now we will focus on issues affecting playability or game progress […] If you find any issue[s] during initial release, please be patient. There will be probably many updates during following weeks.”

The team also posted a road map with the progress of the project. On tap is the release of the early access trailer, bug fixes, and more Steam achievements.

Source: Steam, road map. Thanks to Zenaphex for the tip!
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This game looks awesome and they’re getting really positive reviews already. I wish them the best of luck! :)