Crowfall explains how to build your pocket-sized kingdom


Over at Crowfall, the subject is once again swinging back to the eternal kingdoms, the game’s housing-cum-private world. ArtCraft posted a new 13-point FAQ to explain how players will be constructing their eternal kingdoms via the parcel builder tool.

The idea here is that players will piece together their kingdoms with the builder like building a puzzle, then shape each parcel with special features by putting down building assets in much the same way. As long as parcel and building footprints don’t overlap, players can shape their worlds to look like whatever they want.

Some of the building assets mentioned include heads on stakes, harpy nests, harvestable nodes, and graves that spawn zombies. The only way to get mob “spawners” is to craft them, however. The studio also notes that parcels can come with rules limiting or allowing certain types of assets to be used on them.

Source: Parcel builder FAQ. Thanks to Samizdat for the tip!
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