Online RTS Grey Goo releases free Descent of the Shroud DLC


It’s been a tough year for online RTS Grey Goo, which released in January 2015 to less than stellar reception. The game promises classic RTS gameplay and has some impressive cinematics and decent reviews, but players have complained of balance problems and a lack of content. There are also typically fewer than 100 players of the game online at any given time, which has made it difficult for players to get balanced matches in multiplayer. Developer Petroglyph recently ran a tournament with $30,000 worth of prizes in the hopes of bolstering those concurrent player numbers, with limited success.

Now developers are hoping to give the game a shot in the arm with the release of a free piece of DLC to all existing and future players. The Descent of the Shroud update adds the game’s fourth playable faction, an extra mission, one new unit for each of the existing factions, and an extensive gameplay balance overhaul. A new Definitive Edition of the game has been released for the reduced price of $29.99; it comes with Descent of the Shroud, the three-mission Emergence campaign, and the soundtrack. All existing players have been upgraded to the Definitive Edition for free, so if you’ve picked up Grey Goo previously, you’ll log in to find some new missions waiting for you. Check out the DLC reveal trailer below for more information.

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