Das Tal patch brings love to the newbies

Das Tal patch brings love to the newbies

As Das Tal’s team says, getting the first steps of a game just right is essential in keeping potential players curious in your title. Because of this, the indie PvP sandbox is revamping its beginner experience in today’s patch.

Some of the improvements that first-time players will see include signs warning newbies of large groups of hostile players (freely borrowed from Albion Online, the devs admit), a 30-second “grace period” to orient yourself when a hostile player attempts to attack, and a change to mobs so that they hit veteran players much harder than newer ones.

The team says its hard at work on a June patch that will introduce tools to generate custom game worlds a lot more quickly than today. There are plenty of other smaller quality-of-life changes with today’s patch, so read up on the notes and come to the game prepared!

Source: Patch notes

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