Nostalrius team surveys community about a World of Warcraft legacy ruleset


As we’ve been reporting, the team from the shuttered Nostalrius World of Warcraft emulator has been appointed as “ambassadors” of a sort to represent the vanilla-loving community with Blizzard’s devs. There’s an upcoming meeting in the works,¬†and the Nostalrius folks are polling the community about its involvement and interest in legacy servers.

“We believe it is now time to get a summary of your thoughts for legacy realms in general that will be presented to Blizzard at our meeting with our post-mortem,” the Nostalrius team posted. “We want this survey to be shared with the largest possible audience: former Nostalrius players, legacy players in general, but also anyone who played World of Warcraft at some point or signed the petition.”

Blizzard has hinted at some interest in creating “pristine servers” for World of Warcraft, although this ruleset does not sound like the pure vanilla experience that Nostalrius provided. If you want your voice to be heard, take the legacy server survey and feel like you’ve accomplished something great for your Monday.

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