Lord of the Rings Online finally makes slayer deeds easier to complete

Anyone who has ever played Lord of the Rings Online and navigated its virtue system has certainly grappled with the sometimes-insane number of mobs that slayer deeds required for even a single point of stat progress in certain areas. Happily, 2016 marks the turning point for slayer deed difficulty, as Turbine has finally lowered the number of kills required for these tasks “to more reasonable numbers.”

The worldwide slayer deed adjustments are just part of today’s Update 18.1. As expected in a decimal number patch, this update is more about bug fixes and gameplay tweaks than introducing any new content. Some of the changes include allowing adventurers to replay Bingo Boffin instances, relic forges placed in most housing neighborhoods (except Hobbits), and the option to swap dungeon gear rewards so that they match the class the player is using.

Our favorite patch note, by the way? “Reminded Legolas of the proper way to hold his bow in Even in Darkness.”

Source: Patch notes
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