Nostalrius heads to Blizzard in June


Blizzard’s promise to meet with the team behind vanilla World of Warcraft emulator Nostalrius was more than just lip service; the amateur devs reported that they will making the trek out to Irvine next month.

“As announced previously, we are also in contact with Blizzard representatives,” Nostalrius’ team reassured its community. “We are excited to announce that the meeting date has been decided: It will occur at the beginning of June at Blizzard HQ, Irvine. No precise date nor schedule will be provided for security reasons, expect a report within a few days after this meeting.”

The team will bring the results of its recent survey covering classic servers to the World of Warcraft devs. Apparently there have been over 50,000 responses to this survey, and if you’re interested in what the results contain, then stay tuned — the Nostalrius people promised that it will release these soon.

Source: Nostalrius forums. Thanks Teppic for the tip!
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