Skyforge goes on a nerfing-and-buffing spree with Cybernetic Alliance


As part of its upcoming Cybernetic Alliance update, Skyforge’s dev team is taking on the daunting task of rebalancing all of its classes, with the goal of creating “a much more diverse range of classes within a single group and, at the same time, make all DPS classes completely viable for PvE encounters.” Piece o’ cake, for sure.

A new dev blog today discusses a few of the ways some of the more underpowered or unloved characters are getting oblique buffs. For example, the Strength of Unity DPS buff is intended to encourage people to bring different damage classes (rather than just clumps of Gunners and Cryomancers). Archers and Witches are getting more direct ability buffs. And sorry Gunners — you’re due for a big ol’ nerf to bring you “slightly more in line with other classes.”

“Along with the classes mentioned above, players can expect additional changes of varying significance for the Monk, Alchemist, Berserker, Kinetic, Slayer, and Necromancer,” says Allods Team.

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