The Elder Scrolls Online’s getting extra character slots and expanded crafting inventories


ZeniMax has a shortish dev piece out today running down the chief cash shop and sub changes coming when The Elder Scrolls Online’s Dark Brotherhood DLC launches next week.

Of note, the game will make purchaseable — for the cost of 1500 crowns — extra character slots “so you can have up to four additional characters, for a total of 12 playable characters.” The studio is also talking up the expanded crafting inventory for subscribers:

“This feature, called Craft Bags in-game, allows you to hold a nearly-unlimited number of basic crafting supplies. Additionally, these items don’t count against your inventory limit, and is shared across all characters on your account. In the event your ESO Plus membership expires, you’ll still be able to access any resources stored in your Craft Bag; you just won’t be able to add new materials to it.”

Plus? Hats. “Toward the end of June, you’ll be able to purchase two hats from the in-game Crown Store to outfit your character – the Silvenari Felt Bycoket and the Z’en Vengeance Kiss-Me-Not Cap,” ZeniMax vows.

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