Tree of Savior will reopen for new players after dealing with bots and exploits


If you’re waiting for Tree of Savior to return from limbo, your only question, we suspect, is when?

IMCGames removed the game from purchase on Steam temporarily while it worked to “solve issues regarding server stability, client-side lag and other service related problems.” Existing players could access the game, but newcomers are shut out.

The studio has written today that it has “tracked down the factors suspected to be related to server resource leaks and […] applied corrective measures during [the] latest patch.”

“The rationale behind closing the servers was to create a controlled environment so that the issues such as bots, lags and payment issues can be solved. The ultimate goal was to provide our users with optimal gameplay and experience. After implementing certain fixes for bot and exploit issues, we are planning to reopen the servers for newcomers. Look out for further announcements about this.”

IMCGames further says it’s working on rank 8 classes, is tinkering with dungeons, and is considering a furnishing system for lodges.


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