Darkfall: New Dawn launches its public InDev server


One of the two Darkfall reboots has sort of won the race to release, as New Dawn announced this past week that it has officially launched its in development server to the public. Players can hop onto the server for free during the next three weeks to check out the game.

The team provided some additional details about what this server launch entails: “This is a soft-release and there will be some progression kept for the final server. We are going with this hybrid method because we want InDev to be fun and engaging for players, but we cannot allow the results of dupes or exploits to persist forever. It will last for six to nine months as a ‘season’ would in other games.”

The server launch came with Patch 1.0 (and soon after, Patch 1.1), which changed a number of skills, jacked up leveling speed to 10 times the normal, and added meditation points rewards to quests.

Source: New Dawn. Thanks to CistaCista for the tip!
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