Star Citizen rep: ‘Nothing special’ about $3000 Kickstarter refund

Right in half.

A Star Citizen backer who says he believes the game is a “scam” now says he’s successfully procured a series of refunds for his Kickstarter pledge of $3000. Going by the name Streetroller and invoking everyone’s favorite internet warlord, he’s posted what he claims is his correspondence with a county district attorney in California, as well as the response letters from Cloud Imperium, which initially denied the backer’s requests but ultimately grants the refund, asserting to the end that it has no legal obligation to do so (what Reddit likes to call “pest control”). Streetroller implies, as do several websites covering his story, that CIG’s change of heart is a direct result of the DA’s involvement.

Massively OP spoke to a representative for Cloud Imperium Games about the circumstances of the refund, and he’s dismissed the hoopla and essentially suggested that the state attorney’s involvement is entirely unrelated. “Any refunds with respect to Star Citizen are made on a discretionary basis,” the representative told us. “There was nothing special about this situation. The fact that this particular party used a complaint form that is online and openly available doesn’t make this any different.”

via RPS and Reddit, with thanks to DK and Darkwalker.
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