SWTOR wants to make your lockbox experience better


How do you feel about opening lockboxes? Is there anything MMO devs can do to make you feel less like you just emptied your wallet into a digital trashcan?

BioWare thinks it can help you with that problem in Star Wars: The Old Republic via a new feature that will “enhance the pack opening experience for all packs” by improving the “visual experience of opening packs” and expediting the whole process. I mean, if you’re going to upend your purse over a dumpster, let’s get it over with as fast as possible so you don’t have to watch on in horror!

SWTOR really is getting a new pack viewer in GU 4.7 that’ll round up all your chance cube and event packs into a handy UI panel. You can then pull the slot machine lever press a simple button to open one pack at a time or burn through them all at once, and all the stuff will spew out and land in your new account-wide item stash UI.

“You want to go home and rethink your life.”



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