The Daily Grind: Do you duel other players in MMOs?


The other day I was loading up Shroud of the Avatar, and whilst checking out its options, I selected “auto-decline duels” so fast that I nearly sprained my good mouse finger. I get PvP in MMOs, but dueling has always seemed like nothing more or less than an epeen-measuring contest.

What bugs me the most is that usually the player who initiates it likes to stand in newbie areas looking for a naive punching bag. Plus, getting a duel request without the other person saying so much as “boo” to you gets on my nerves. And if I’m piling on gripes, I guess I don’t get the point of it at all. Does it really hone your PvP skill or is it just there to give two bored people something to do other than communicate?

Maybe I’m clueless about this. Tell me, do you duel in MMOs? What do you think about dueling?

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