Das Tal changes its name to The Exiled


What’s a Das Tal anyway? You won’t have to worry about the meaning of Fairytale  Distillery’s German moniker any longer, as the studio has officially changed its upcoming game’s name to The Exiled.

The studio said that the new name helps players grasp what the game is better than its previous working title: “‘Das Tal‘ was meant to be a working title from the very beginning. Over the years we thought about changing the name many times but never really had the mental bandwidth for it during development. With launch getting closer and closer we felt that we finally had to make the jump into cold water and come up with a name that fits the game we are making.”

To celebrate the new name, Fairytale Distillery released a reveal trailer showing off the game in a quick minute-plus. Check it out below and let us know what you think of the new title in the comments!

Source: The Exiled
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