Blizzard makes radical adjustments to World of Warcraft invasion XP


What’s scarier than demonic invasions raining down all across Azeroth? According to some players, it’s when Blizzard removes incentive for fighting said invasions.

Yesterday’s World of Warcraft hotfix made a couple of significant changes to the invasion event, increasing the frequency of appearances while nerfing the XP gained from each stage. As many players had been flocking to invasions to speed-level characters, this came as a sharp blow.

Josh Allen, one of WoW’s CMs, said that this change was done to counter the rampant AFKing that was going on: “If you just want to AFK near some invasions for free levels, you’ll have to run around a little more. I think that’s perfectly fair […] Reality is, the goal with invasions is for them to be a fun thing while we wait for Legion. NOT ‘get every class to 100 before launch.'”

Following the, erm, spirited discussion that these changes produced, Blizzard made another adjustment, this time increasing the XP for mob kills during the invasions.

“We agree that our initial change made invasions too unrewarding for characters who weren’t at max level, so we’ve just applied a hotfix that increases XP gains from killing Legion invaders,” the studio posted. “Since invasions are only around for a short period of time, we want them to feel lucrative, and provide incentives to actively participate in them. You should be seeing a lot more progress on your XP bar for helping your fellow Azerothians fight the Legion now.”

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