Riders of Icarus welcomes players to travel back in time in Exarahn Badlands


Riders of Icarus may be a relatively new MMORPG on the scene, but that doesn’t mean it lacks for a deep backstory. In the game’s Exarahn Badlands update, which’ll finally be live when the game returns from maintenance this afternoon, players are invited to travel through time to explore a cutthroat past.

“Riders can now travel back in time to a realm where no laws existed and chaos was rampant,” the patch notes exclaim. “Upon stepping through a newly discovered dimensional gate, Riders will find themselves 1,000 years in the past in a region once known as the Exarahn Badlands. In addition to new quests, new enemies and new familiars to capture and tame, the Exarahn Badlands is also an active PvP region.”

In addition to the new PvP zone, the patch contains an expansion of the cash shop and more familiar slots per character. Riders of Icarus has a ton of events kicking off today, some centering around the Badlands area and some promoting other parts of the game, such as encouraging players to hit the level cap quickly. You’ll want to read the patch notes for the full rundown of all of these events.

Source: Patch notes

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