Camelot Unchained continues ‘re-abilitation’ project ahead of beta


7400 words: That makes this month’s Camelot Unchained newsletter one of the shortest to date, but it’s still packed with info. “In brief, a lot of stability issues were crushed, and improvements on the ‘re-abilitation’ front have continued to fly along at a rapid pace,” says the update, and Game Designer Ben Pielstick explains just how that process works in the lead-up to beta.

“Our first set of classes are still getting their components pieced together as our new system for playing things like animations and particle effects is put into place, along with the capacity to account for the stats of weapons and armor, the way different body parts account for damage separately and sustain wounds, and more. There are still a lot more features coming, day by day, which will enable more and more interesting abilities as time goes on. […] For now, the focus is squarely on the feature set we need to start our first round of Beta testing. There is a lot to this process, but a lot of the big critical Beta features are reaching completion, enabling us to finalize everything we need to start testing combat with our new classes for the first time.”

There’s a check-in with the art team and a lore piece to boot. Massively OP will be at DragonCon this weekend meeting with the CU team, so stay tuned for an in-depth report!

Source: Newsletter
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