Elder Scrolls Online says its population is growing, explains why cross-play won’t happen


These days, the Elder Scrolls Online team is laser-focused on the promotion and release of One Tamriel this fall. However, a recent interview with ZeniMax teased out some possible features that the team’s been looking at for the future. These not only include housing, which will come in the update after One Tamriel, but also the arena PvP mode, spell crafting, new skill lines, and even new classes (“maybe some day”). The team’s pretty happy with crafting, however, so don’t expect any major changes there.

ZeniMax also explained why cross-play between its platforms probably won’t happen: “That is not a technical issue, it’s a business issue. We’re on different platforms and each partner has its own ideas on which groups they want their players to be with. It’s easier for everyone if they’re just in separate communities, that’s just the way it is for now.”

Finally, the studio said that the game’s population is even higher than when it last touted its “seven million players since launch” figure during E3 earlier this year.

Source: WCCF Tech. Thanks Liviana!
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