See how you can build your own spaceships in Dual Universe


If you’ve ever watched developers slap together spaceships (and sell them to you for a few hundred actual, not-play-money dollars) and thought, “I could make something better than that,” then Dual Universe is here to call you on that bluff.

Dual Universe not only uses voxel construction tools to piece together spaceships but will also allow players to erect vehicles, cities, and even space stations. The studio said that this construction tool is the “centerpiece” of the game.

“Constructs are an essential composition of Dual Universe and empowers the community with the tools to create a unique environment and shape the world to their liking using their imagination,” said Novaquark President Jean-Christophe Baillie.

Dual Universe will be showing off its construction demo at PAX West this weekend (booth #6816). You can see a demo of the ship creation tool below that takes an idea to flyable craft in less than 10 minutes.

Source: YouTube
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