Crowfall Q&A sheds light on the soft launch and the feedback process


In its Q&A session for the month of September, Crowfall Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director Todd Coleman celebrate a whole year of videos and blow their entire special effects budget. OK, they also answer some questions about the game, specifically on fall damage, positional combat, and environmental gravity; technical changes to formerly for sale strongholds and palaces; iteration on skill combo resources; soft-launch campaigns; and Eternal Kingdom building restrictions.

There’s a neat tidbit about iteration and community feedback in there too.

“You ask anyone in the office, you look at the forums, and [opinion on something] could be split half-half, and you’re like, well which way do we go? We gotta pick one,” Blair says, to which Coleman replies, “Half and half is great! Because that means we’re probably OK. When 90% of the players hate something, that’s when we know we have to change it.” Then Coleman turns back to the camera with a laugh. “And yes, we know there’s a lot of stuff that still falls in that category. We’re still working on it! Give us time, please, I’m begging you.”