Riders of Icarus shows off the Lair of Ienos, live in today’s patch

Everything is fine.

Deep within his lair off of Parna’s Coast, the demon Ienos is chilling and lamenting how few people come over to his home. He has all sorts of cool familiars, and he just wants to wrestle with someone for a bit before handing over a stone to tame those familiars. It’d be really chill. So it’s good news for Ienos and players of Riders of Icarus that starting today you can take part in the daily quest to venture inside of Ienos’ crash pad for a chance at some great familiars.

The lore around it may be slightly less friendly, though. You know how it is.

Players need to acquire a Lair Keystone from a daily quest to enter the Lair of Ienos, which is a solo experience requiring level 34 as a minimum. Once inside the lair, players will confront Ienos, then loot an item from him to offer a shot at taming the familiar which spawns therein. A wide variety of potential spawns are available in both Epic and Heroic quality, and players will also be able to drop a little cash to access the Lair of Ienos a little more often. Either for the familiars or just to chill with Ienos.


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