Chronicles of Elyria is launching its web store in early October

This is fine.

If you missed out on Chronicles of Elyria’s Kickstarter but wanted to take part, you’ll have a second chance. The game is launching its online store on October 3rd, and for the first month it will be offering the exact same packages that were offered in the Kickstarter. That means that you can toss in some money and get the same stuff as backers, with the exception of the various early bird specials for funding (those are all filled up anyway).

Funds raised in the store will still go toward stretch goals for the first month of operation, while subsequent sales will go to hiring more staff members and other development-related expenses. Certain tiers will also be server-specific due to limited titles available within a given realm. Behind the scenes, work on hiring and concept design has been continuing, which you can read all about in the official update.

Source: Kickstarter
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