Shroud of the Avatar Q&A homes in on crafting and economy


Portalarium’s Starr Long has hopped on Shroud of the Avatar’s official forums for an extra round of player-submitted questions. Of note, Long says to expect more craftable clothing, more crafted book covers, more polish for the UI, and more multiplayer friendliness, but don’t expect Ultima-like musical abilities in episode one. Resizing decor is not happening at all, but treasure maps are, and more on the brewing and agriculture systems will be shared later in the year.

As to the economy, daily gold earnings will remain capped, active crafting activities are off the table, and the team is keeping an eye on hyperinflation. “We do not plan on [removing random rolls from crafting and enchanting skills],” he writes. “It would be destructive to the economy if everyone could create exactly the same item at will and destroy all rarity in the system. It would also eliminate an important sink in the economy.” Likewise, he argue that reducing resource requirements would “lead to a huge glut of items and prices would crash making crafting a completely unprofitable profession” – which is not something Portalarium means to do.

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