PSA: Black Desert is $10 for 10 days

Shh, you'll scare the food.

It’s always a great day when a buy-to-play game goes on sale because then you can pick it up and just sit on it for as long as you like while feeling vaguely smug that you got in for a discount. Case in point: Black Desert is on sale today for $9.99 to pick up the game’s Starter Package. Buy that and you have it, period, forever. It’s all yours. That’s a pretty good deal for an entry-level access to the game.

If you want to go a bit higher class, you can also pick up the game’s Traveler’s Package for $19.99 or the Explorer’s Package for $34.99, each of which includes three seven-day passes for your friends to try the game as well. It’s a pretty solid discount, and the only restriction is that it’ll only be hanging around until September 26th. Which is still more than a week away, so you’ve got plenty of time to think about whether or not you’d like a new MMO for $10. Sometimes life is fun.

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