Allods’ Burning Skies update reworks maze system


Do you own a maze in Allods Online? If you do, or you plan to, you’ll want to take note of the changes coming in update 7.0.2. Dubbed Burning Skies, this update includes new monsters, traps, and auras as well as weekly and seasonal rewards for maze owners. Perhaps even more exciting is that these owners will have the possibility to build five rooms and one crossing or a fork without spending resources at the beginning of every new season. And after 7.0.2 releases, all maze builders can select any maze style, including a brand-new one.

In order to defend the maze, creators can start adding kobolds (a starter set will be give to each maze owner) and a mimic chest (which owners will receive in a letter via in-game mail). Additionally, traps and auras of various affects can be set up to strengthen defenders or weaken invaders; both of these will consume previously purchased supplies, but only if the aura/trap effects are triggered. Maze owners can obtain these new creatures, traps, and auras in raid adventures, skirmishes, Mausoleum of Sparks, Tka-Rik’s Cave, Goblinball, and so on, or by purchasing using currency gained from daily quests on your private allod. For more details, check out the update announcement on the Allods official site.

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