Riders of Icarus touts one million western players since soft launch

Nexon announced this afternoon that Riders of Icarus now counts a million western players registered for the free-to-play MMORPG.

“Since the launch of its open beta in early July, Riders of Icarus has garnered the attention of daring riders captivated by the unique mount system and enticing action-packed gameplay. Already hugely popular in Asia as Icarus Online, the action-adventure game has seen great response from its western audience, who have recently pushed Riders of Icarus over the million player mark.”

The game is anticipating the release of its Rift of the Damned update next week on September 28th; it’ll raise the level cap to 40, add new skills, and introduce the floating island zone known as Tritael Rift. Check out the promotional video below.

Source: Press release
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