Skyforge’s newest raid boss is so powerful that it obliterates the battle arena


Described as “devastating” and “unpredictable,” Tol-Monter is ready to tag into Skyforge as the game’s newest raid boss. This happy fellow is the leader of the Oceanid army, which means that participants are going to be getting a glimpse into the darkest terrors ever to come from the depths of the sea.

When it arrives in Skyforge, Tol-Monter’s champion form will be the single toughest boss fight in the game, requiring players to plow through several phases, each with unique challenges. If a raid team can get to the end, it will need to move quickly: “This powerful creature will not stop for anything in an effort to fulfill the will of the Great God. Remember, time is against you, Tol-Monter’s attacks are so strong that they gradually destroy the arena in which the battle takes place.”

You can get a glimpse of the new raid in a video after the jump.

Source: Skyforge

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