Riders of Icarus (finally) delivers its Rift of the Damned update


After not one, but two delays, Rift of the Damned has finally arrived in Riders of Icarus.

There’s a lot to chew on with this content update, but perhaps of greatest interest to everyone is the level cap increase to 40: “Power up your Rider in preparation for the journey into dangers that await within the Tritael Rift.  With the level increase comes new skills for abilities for each class as well as upgrades to existing skills for some classes.”

As mentioned, the patch includes the new Tritael Rift zone, additional cash shop items, the floating five-player Breach dungeon, 30 more familiars to collect, and an expansion to the Exarahn Badlands area.

Riders of Icarus is also hosting several events in which brand-new and veteran characters will get free gifts for logging in, staying logged in, and even leveling up. All of these events will conclude on October 19th.

Source: Patch notes

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