Neverwinter introduces sailing and deep sea fishing for its next update

Neverwinter’s “largest zone yet” might also be one of its more unusual areas in terms of navigation and interaction. As the name implies, the Sea of Moving Ice is mostly a water-covered region, and since swimming and hypothermia don’t mix, Neverwinter is going to allow players to earn their own sailboats that will assist in exploration.

“As you progress through the zone, you’ll gain access to your very own khyek, a personal maneuverable boat that allows you to venture across the open sea,” Cryptic said. “There are several tiers of khyeks you can find in the zone that improve in speed and appearance with each tier. These vessels cannot be summoned beyond the Sea of Moving Ice.”

The sailboats — sorry, “khyeks” — have another purpose as well: to allow players to engage in some hearty deep-sea fishing. By fishing in the zone, players can haul up catches that can be exchanged for reputation, complete collections, or enhance various weapons. There are also treasure maps to be found, although these sound rare and difficult to complete.

Source: Neverwinter
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