Camelot Unchained reports great progress toward its beta build


Camelot Unchained players must comfort themselves every day with this mantra: Beta is coming. Beta is coming. Beta is coming.

And indeed it is, although a date still has not been set. In this week’s producer letter, the team reports great progress toward “bringing this plane into landing at the beta 1 airport.” You can read through all of the action items, but suffice to say that the team has crossed off a lot of its to-do list.

“We don’t want to say it’s done until it really is. We’re moving into the phase of gluing a lot of our work together, and that means lots of testing and bug fixing,” the letter cautions.

The team did take the opportunity to show off some of its beautiful concept art, including Viking ice swords, Thuatha one-handed swords, shields for every realm, and Thuatha fall court armor.

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