Shroud of the Avatar reworks its roving encounter system

And now, Halloween for you.

There are plenty of dramatic combat scenes in Shroud of the Avatar with a defined purpose, but bandits and wolves are rarely polite enough to simply wait their turns and only fight you when called. The next build of Shroud of the Avatar is revamping the way roving encounters take place so that you’ll no longer be blindly caught by these random encounters; no, you’ll now be able to see them approaching and possibly evade them.

Of course, that’s just one of the things changing in the game’s next release, and the latest update for players goes over other landscape changes like the new Harvest visuals and the improvements to Elad’s Lighthouse. Critical hits are also getting a major rework, although it’s more to the point that they should have been working, as it turns out the math for critical hits was wrong and players just hadn’t accumulated enough critical hit gear for the designers to notice. Check out all of the details in the latest newsletter.

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