SWTOR starts laying the foundation for expansion’s new endgame

Well, I had fun.
Less than a week after Star Wars: The Old Republic announced that it will be making sweeping endgame changes with Knights of the Eternal Throne, BioWare is taking actions to lay the foundation for this new paradigm.

The changes started this past weekend, when the studio quietly (and days later, openly) took passes to SWTOR’s operations, flashpoints, warzones, and space missions off of the cartel market. All of these passes will be removed from the game entirely on November 29th, removing the option for F2P gamers to gear up in the new endgame.

BioWare said that it is considering alternatives, however: “We recognize that players are interested in something similar to the weekly passes which would offer non-subscribers access to Galactic Command. We are exploring possible options and I will pass on updates as soon as we have them.”

Tomorrow’s patch will contain another significant adjustment, as warzone commendations will become bound to characters in preparation for their complete removal on November 29th. Remaining commendations will be converted to credits when Eternal Throne goes live.

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