Gigantic plans new beta weekend, explains AI and summoning circles


Perfect World and Motiga have announced that they’ll be running another closed beta weekend for Gigantic. Don’t get too excited; it’s not this weekend but next weekend, from Thursday, November 3rd, to Sunday, November 6th. Lord Knossos, Mozu, Tyto the Swift, Vadasi, and four randoms per player will be playable on the Ghost Reef, Sanctum Falls, and Siren’s Strand maps. Plus there’s the new tutorial, skill specs, practice arena, and instant messaging tools to break test.

The team has pushed out a pair of new dev blogs today too: The first discusses the game’s artificial intelligence and NPC guardians, while the second is all about summoning circles. Circles are a pretty nifty mechanic; they allow players to do everything from healing and summoning badass allies to building cyclopes to build up their defenses. Or you can just stand in the circle and dance like this guy. Happy Friday peeps.