Revelation Online introduces the northern wolves

Wow. Such north. Very barbarian.
Oh no! The Northern Wolves are coming in Revelation Online! Are you scared? Do you know who the Northern Wolves are? If not, you should probably read up on the latest batch of revelations from the game explaining who the Northern Wolves are and why you should be leery of these proud, feral warriors. Other than the fact that they can indeed turn into wolves, which is kind of scary all by itself.

The Wolves are to the northwest of more “civilized” lands and fought a long, bloody war against their neighbors; while the battle ended in a stalemate and a peace treaty, that hasn’t stopped a long-simmering resentment from brewing on both sides. Players can attempt to curry favor with the Wolves by proving themselves strong and forthright, but not without facing considerable danger along the way. You could try giving them some bacon treats, but that might seem like pandering.


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