Wild Terra patch adds new PvE server ruleset and major combat overhaul


This week’s Wild Terra patch is one of the biggest in the indie sandbox’s history, says developer Juvty Worlds, and for good reason: It’s overhauled combat with nine new weapon and armor skills; new combat mechanics including critical hits, parrying, dodging, and blocking; and a new system for damage-dealing itself that targets the specific body part and armor piece affected. If that monster smashes you in the head, don’t expect to walk away with a pristine helmet is what we’re saying.

On the server front, the studio has also created a brand-new server selection screen that rattles off game news, shows how many players are active, and allows folks to search for a proper server. That last part will come in handy as there are multiple servers with different rulesets, including two new ones live today: Vitios, an PvP server for international players with no areas of safety at all, and Bonium (heh heh), which is a PvE server for South America that limits PvP to “disputable lands only.”

Source: Steam, press release. Cheers, EzBreezy!
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Cheryl Lynn Zimmerman

The devs of this game is taking money from cash shops on private servers knowing full well they are closing them in a few days. Don’t support scum moves like this. They are doing a cash grab and we as players are losing out. So if you are buying this on black friday bewarned they stated they are closing private servers in their discord channel. But still taking money in the cash shop. I just lost 20$ in stuff I bought there. Paid 3 months for the private server got 2 weeks to play it.