Star Trek Online’s winter event adds Klingon ice fishing, gives out free prize packs

Break out the tacky sweaters and replicate some eggnog, because Star Trek Online’s winter wonderland event is back. This year, the team has added a new Klingon ice fishing minigame to keep things interesting and full of frostbite. By punching through the ice and dragging up enough candy fish, players can summon a boss mob for extra rewards.

The big prize this holiday season is a T6 Breen Chel Boalg warship, which can be attained by collecting 1,000 prize vouchers from the winter event ice skating race. It’s an intimidating ship to be sure, and you can review all of its impressive stats before deciding whether or not to grind for it.

Star Trek Online also updated with a patch this week that, among other things, reorganized its accolades. There’s also a new Phoenix Prize Pack lockbox — but instead of this being a cash lockbox, it’s instead purchasable for dilithium. Even better, all players who log in will get a free prize pack once per day from December 1st through the 8th.

Source: Prize pack, warship, patch notes. Thanks ThatLanteshGuy!
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