Paladins has over five million players from beta testing

Of course, sometimes you get away with a lot without calls of copyright infringement anyway.

For all of its major system overhauls, Paladins appears to be doing something right. A new video on stats from the game’s open beta notes that there are over five million players from 230 different countries enjoying the game, even though the game is still technically in open beta testing. There are plenty of other fun stats about the testing, collected below in video format rather than the usual infographic.

If you’re one of the five million players or just an onlooking well-wisher, you may want to keep your eyes on the Paladins Invitational Tournament starting in a little under a month. Players will compete for a prize of $150,000 starting on January 5th, with all of the competition getting streamed on Twitch as eight teams face off to become the best invited players in the world. And if you’re not into the competitive scene but just like playing… well, with five million people, you’ll probably be able to find a match or two.

Source: Hi-Rez Studios press release
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