‘Substantial’ changes coming to World of Warcraft’s legendaries


World of Warcraft’s highly desired and much debated legendary items are in store for “fairly substantial changes” in Patch 7.1.5, Blizzard announced this week. The studio sees some items being much better than others, and so both nerfs and buffs for unnamed gear are incoming. Prepare yourself, unless you have no legendaries yet, in which case just… sit there and seethe in anger.

“Essentially, we feel that if a legendary is only usable in certain situations, it should feel extremely valuable in those situations. Conversely, if a legendary is nearly always going to increase your overall performance, that increase should be relatively smaller,” Blizzard said on the forums.

Legendaries, their usefulness, and the RNG attached to attaining them were deeply discussed in last week’s developer Q&A livestream.

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